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Gail Ainsworth Krutka

Gail's Designer Jewelry
i make hand crafted quality beaded jewelry using one of a kind hand made semi precious stones. My hand sewn jewelry uses the ancient crafts of old with a modern twist of design. see my work on etsy and facebook...Gails Designer Jewelry

Diane Attesi

Aspire Events
Aspire Events makes your event extraordinary! We create positive ROI, keep you under budget and make your execution seamless. We specialize in trade show exhibits, show management, corporate/private events, community events and fundraisers. Contact us today to learn how we can help your event be a success!

lisa beauvais

Attorney Lisa M. Beauvais
With over 20 years of legal practice, the Law offices of Lisa M. Beauvais specialize in a wide range of Elder Law issues. Estate Planning, Guardianship and Conservatorship, Probate of Estates, and Mental Health Litigation are just a few of the areas of practice. Attorney Lisa M. Beauvais specializes in Elder Law and Estate Planning. She focuses her practice on helping people of all ages plan for their future needs, ranging from basic estate plans to more sophisticated and complex estate planning issues. Through both compassion and care, Lisa develops creative solutions to the unique challenges of individual estate planning needs. Lisa has been practicing law since 1995, while proudly maintaining her practice for the past 19 years. She holds a Masters in Law degree from Western New England College in Estate Planning and Elder Law, providing her with essential experience in handling difficult and complex elder law and estate planning matters.

Laura Biddulph

Direct Energy Solar
Direct Energy Solar's mission is to harness our energy expertise to make a difference in people's lives. We offer cash purchases, no money down financed purchases and no money down Power Purchase Agreements (like a lease but better). I use my deep background in residential energy efficiency to point my clients towards THEIR best solutions. I'm here to solve a problem, the rising cost of dirty power, solar might be the solution. Together we will look at your goals, your potential solar site and the options available to you. I am the solar consultant that will tell people not to go solar when solar is really not their best option. And then we will go over what the other options are that will better meet their goals. A consultation with me will provide you with options on how to save money on ALL your energy bills, in ways that feel great too. Do something good for your wallet and the planet. Let's talk soon!

Debra Boronski

Mass Office of Business Development

Colleen Campbell

Campbell Equine/ Heroes, Horses and Hounds
The short answer is I train Horses and service animals, run animal assisted therapy programs and help people find joy, partnership and understanding in their lives. Heroes, Horses and Hounds brings my two passions, helping animals and sharing their healing powers with others, together. By rescuing unwanted dogs and horses and retraining them for service and therapy we help reduce the number of animals euthanized each year. These animals then go on to serve people with PTSD, Autism, anxiety disorders, help in recovery programs for trauma/addicts/alcoholics/inmates, kids at risk, and help in out reach programs at schools, hospitals and veteran/senior centers. The rescued animals become the rescuer of the person needing unconditional love and compassion. Giving the person a chance to learn empathy, gain self worth and heal themselves. With Campbell Equine I train horses using Natural Horsemanship methods and teach people how to better understand and communicate clearly with their horse through lessons and Horsemanship Yoga classes.

Maureen Cayer

Agawam Housing Authority

Sharon Connor

Choices Elder Support, LLC
I provide geriatric care management services. I assist elders who are experiencing challenges in their health and independence to find the optimum care. I work with family care givers to give them support and information to best care for their aging parents. I am a masters prepared social worker with over 20 years experience assisting older adults.

Erin Couture

Florence Savings
I help businesses of all sizes as well as investment real estate owners obtain loans such as lines of credit, term loans, and mortgages.

Deirdre Curran

Curran, Deirdre
Please read my profile online by googling Psychology Today and my name Deirdre Curran. I have a small solo practice that is full at this time, but has openings from time to time. My interest in WBOA is focused more on meeting other women business owners and attending functions to meet women in a variety of fields.

Stacy Every

Stacy Every, LMT
Stacy Every, Licensed Massage Therapist, providing therapeutic massage, deep tissue massage therapy, oncology massage and Reiki in Western Massachusetts.

Christine Ford

Custom Marketing Solutions
We are a local marketing company with over 25 years of experience. We are open to your unique needs because we provide custom marketing strategies. Our services range from digital, to branding to events and so much more. Visit our website to see a complete list of our services and how we can help your business grow.

Christina Ford

College Funding Solutions

Chettele Houle

Nerium International
Anti aging products.
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