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Abby Beale

Homeopathy Healings
Do you have a health issue no one can't figure out? Are you at a dead end in your path to health? Are you looking to improve your health using natural remedies? Homeopathic care can help you achieve higher levels of mental, emotional and physical health. It treats you holistically and is concerned with all of who you are, not just the condition(s) you have. In our first appointment, we meet for over 90 minutes where we look at who you are, what you think and feel and what physical symptoms you have. I then put those pieces together to find the most appropriate homeopathic remedy, for YOU.

Christine Burns

Fun, family entertainment serving New England and New York.

Jennifer Kinsman

Common Sense Solutions dba Acti-Kare

Wendy Leahy

Dale A Frank Insurance Agency Inc

Leanne Sedlak

A spa that specializes in all natural treatments, therapies, cosmetics, and skin care. We also formulate and manufacture our own skincare from our lab at the spa!