You wake up one day and are equally exhausted and exhilarated. Owning a business is one gigantic undertaking supported by hundreds of minute details.


Where do you turn, who do you talk to?  Your friends say you work too hard, your family sends you job postings with benefits; most cannot even relate to the leap you have made…

Welcome to the WBOA, we speak your language! 


We have all taken the leap and gather to be educated, supported and inspired. We learn from experts and from each other’s experiences, and collectively we raise the bar…as our tag line reads, ‘don’t grow it alone’.


While we invite you to join us for a complimentary meeting, our non-profit organization is membership based.


WBOA membership costs just $15/month* and entitles you to attend 3 different gatherings per month, all on a Thursday! 

  • 1st Thursday: Girls Night In: A 1 hour WBOA Members Only gathering (7:00-8:00 p.m.) designed for sharing, venting, commiserating, inspiring. Hosted and led by a WBOA member, this interactive hour is social by design and serves to deepen the bonds between our members.

  • 2nd Thursday: Good Morning WBOA: This 1+ hour a.m. meeting (7:45-9:00 a.m.) features valuable information focused on a monthly theme. The topic is introduced by carefully chosen thought leaders and there are actionable take-aways that can be applied to your business right away.

  • 3rd Thursday: Good Evening WBOA: This 2+ hour p.m. WBOA Members Only evening session (6:00-8:30 p.m.) is a deeper dive into the monthly theme and provides more actionable information to help you grown your business. Ample Q & A time is built in so that the experience is interactive and relevant to the needs of the participants.


Also included in membership:


  • Deep discounts on special programming. Some months we take our theme to a higher level with additional programming as requested by our members. If space is available, these intensives are open to the public but always offered to our members first and at a substantial discount. Members area coming soon!



*6 month minimum commitment