In Spotlights

Name: Saskia Cote

Business Name: Bottom-Line Bodywork

Years in Business: 3

WBOA Member Since: 2016

What product or service does your business provide?
I founded an employee wellness program. We massage employees at nursing homes, medical facilities, and offices, so that you can have both happy employees and a healthy bottom-line. We specialize in short, targeted sessions to help prevent repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel, reduce tension, and relieve stress. Our therapists are trained in multiple modalities to address your team’s needs.

What makes your business stand out from your competitors?
Two things come to mind right away; the first being that we come to the facility, and most of the time use a massage table, not a chair massage. This is a big difference because a lot of corporate massage is done with massage chairs. The staff members, nurses and CNA’s, and administrative personnel, are so grateful to be able to lie down and be off their feet for 15 minutes. The second one is that it is the corporation that pays us, not the individuals, getting rid of in-equality and making the treatments and holistic approach available to all within the company; cleaners and managers alike. Making this part of the company’s employee wellness program is the new way of taking care of the people who work for you in your company.

Who is your perfect customer?
I love massage and helping people. I’ve been a licensed massage therapist for 25 years, and tor the last several years, I’ve massaged the nurses and staff at a local nursing home in my community. Working with nursing home employees lets me reach people who would normally not have access to massage and seeing them so happy gives me such joy. When they receive this touch from massage, they in turn learn how to touch the residents in a more healing and loving way. This has an incredible impact this has on the service they provide their patients- our loved ones

What is the most rewarding part of having your own business?
Being able to make a living with doing what I love. Setting my own hours, doing what I love, end giving work and mentoring to other massage therapists.

What is the biggest challenge?
Sometimes I feel like I am always working, trying to get over the hump so I can hire more people to help me. Learning that I can not do it all and finding the right help.

Tell us something surprising about your business:
How easy and fun it is to transform an office space or dining room into a relaxing spa environment.

What is one thing WBOA members can do to help your business thrive?
I would like to know how to articulate what I am doing better so I can reach my audience in a more effective way.

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