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Do Less, Create More: How to Achieve Through Rest

It’s easy to yo-yo from hustle to exhaustion, especially when responsibilities and expectations feel overwhelming. In this workshop, Michele Lyman, Yoga + Meditation Teacher, and Beth Pellettieri, Creative Business Coach, will support you in finding harmony in work and life. By combining gentle movement, breathing exercises, intuitive strategy, and practical action steps, you’ll be guided through simple, easy exercises that offer a fresh approach to nourished business growth that can create a big impact in your life.  Join us for an evening of rest, connection, and flow!

Beth Pellettieri

Beth Pellettieri, MPH, is a Certified Martha Beck Wayfinder Coach. She works  to help creative business owners grow their business from peace and flow. Since starting her business in 2019, Beth has worked with bodyworkers, bookstore owners, yoga instructors, artists, writers, dancers, and other coaches on streamlining their purpose-driven business through systems that feel delicious and heart-centered.


With an extensive background in creating marketing and fundraising systems for nonprofits, Beth guides her clients from a place of compassion, creativity, and curiosity. She combines energetic mindset shifts with practical strategies for a unique approach  that includes trauma-informed growth.


Beth hasworked with the Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce, the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce, and the Greater Easthampton Chamber of Commerce, as well as Cooley Dickinson Hospital, and Martha Beck Inc. Shehas spoken at multiple conferences on women in business andis a proud member of the Bloom Local Directory.


For more information about Beth’s approach and services, you can find her on IG at @bethpellettieri or at

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Michele Lyman

Michele Lyman is a yoga teacher with 20 years’ experience, and has owned Serenity Yoga in South Hadley, MA since 2012.


Michele focuses on teaching beginner level students a gentle, safe and effective way to create balance and harmony both on and off the mat. Michele is able to exemplify the importance of taking the confidence and self-awareness you learn on the mat and applying it in your every day life. She shares her enthusiasm for yoga with a down to earth teaching style that allows each student to fully access their practice. For Michele, the joy of teaching is found in watching her students' lives become enriched as they access deeper levels of themselves through their yoga and life experiences.


In addition to the classes she teaches at Serenity, she currently offers corporate wellness programs designed to help employers inspire and support their teams through challenging and stressful times using mindfulness techniques. And, she offers individualized coaching and online programming designed to teach people that they can transform their relationship with their anxiety through mindfulness so they can feel better to be better - at home, at work and in their relationships.

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