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Since 1982, the WBOA (Women Business Owners Alliance) has elevated the impact of women in business. As the longest-running business organization for women in Massachusetts, the WBOA was founded to provide support and guidance exclusively for women business owners.    


We are:

  • a 501(c)(3) organization 
  • an organization that serves women in business 

  • a place that provides its members a forum for sharing knowledge, resources, wisdom, and inspiration   

  • the coordinators of the WBOA On the Road series - In person networking events. 

WBOA Member Testimonials

  • As a member of WBOA I have a network of resources the support, guide, introduce and help me to grow in every way

  • WBOA members have committed to each other the they will take the call, they will be there to help

  • WBOA members have gone to the meetings, gotten in the car, made the call, fought the fight to elevate one another – we don’t grow it alone, and that makes us successful

  • The programming has continued relevance – WBOA didn’t skip a beat as the world experienced a pandemic, programming continued at a time when many needs information, support and guidance – they found it at and through WBOA

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Cheryl Reed Memorial Loan Fund

The Cheryl Reed Memorial Loan Fund is a legacy program of the WBOA offering quick turn-around funding for our members to enable them to respond to business growth opportunities and the urgent needs of business. 

CRML was established in 1991 in memory of Cheryl Reed, owner of Cheryl Reed Travel in East Longmeadow. Cheryl was a founding member of WBOA but most importantly a business owner who knew that access to capital could make all the difference between being able to take advantage of a business opportunity and having to decline.

Donations can be made online / via check or at any of our ON THE ROAD EVENTS. 

To date, the WBOA has provided thousands of dollars of low interest loans to scores of women who have used the funds for uses as varied as:

  • attending a professional development conference

  • upgrading technology

  • onboarding a new employee

  • Big E booth signage and promotion

  • holiday inventory


The application process is quick, easy and confidential. This program is offered exclusively to WBOA members. We are currently not accepting new applications - but you can be added to our contact list for 2024 loans.

Always current, always relevant, always elevating women in business. Whether you are growing a business or growing a career, as the WBOA tagline says ‘Don’t Grow It Alone’®  

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