WBOA’s Leadership

Enthusiastically Volunteer-Led

WBOA’s Board serves two-year terms, with half elected each year.

Board Members

Chief Executive Officer Gretchen Duhaime ceo@wboa.org
Chief Operating Officer Mary Ann Marzano coo@wboa.org
Chief Communications Officer Maxine Bernstein cco@wboa.org
Chief Financial Officer Freda Brown cfo@wboa.org
Chief Programs Officer Liz Provo cpo@wboa.org
Chief Membership Officer Susan Allen cmo@wboa.org
Past President Dee Emery-Ferrero pastpresident@wboa.org

WBOA’s Committee Directors are appointed by the Board, and are part of the Leadership Team.

Committee Directors

Director of Cheryl Reed Loan Fund Eileen Jerome cherylreedloanfund@wboa.org
Director of Development Karen Dzendolet development@wboa.org
Digital Marketing Director Linda Ligsukis digitalmarketing@wboa.org
Director of Education Anita Eliason & Deb Sorcinelli education@wboa.org
Director of Facilities (vacant)  
Director of Hospitality Ida Tassinari hospitality@wboa.org
Director of Marketing Operations (vacant)  
Director of Membership Sarah Willey membership@wboa.org
Director of Member Socials Dr. Tami Nelson membersocial@wboa.org
Director of Spotlights Jacki Jacobs memberspotlights@wboa.org
Director of WINGS Sina Holloman mentor@wboa.org
Director of PR Dee Emery-Ferrero pr@wboa.org
Director of Programs Julia Mines & Jennifer Roberge programs@wboa.org
Director of Registration Sharon Connor registration@wboa.org
Director of Retreats Freda Brown retreats@wboa.org
WBOA-TV Programming Dir. Susan Allen tv@wboa.org
Director of Volunteers Nicole Vadnais volunteers@wboa.org
Director of Web Development Annmarie Hotchkiss website@wboa.org
Director of Women’s Night of Comedy Shelley Hines wnoc@wboa.org
Director of Woman of the Year (vacant)  

 As Spotlight Chair, I connected with members in a more significant way. I learned about a member’s business and talked with her directly, so I got to know her better. I also got to expose my own business by getting up and introducing guests. The more I know these women, the more truly impressed I am. I am grateful for this experience.

– Tami Nelson, D.C., Spotlight Chair

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