WBOA Deeper Dive - Members Only
Thu, Dec 16 | ZOOM Webinar

WBOA Deeper Dive - Members Only

" I'm a student of Positive Psychology, aka, the science of what makes people flourish and thrive, become more resilient and perform at their best... I believe we can rewire our brains for greater effectiveness and well-being" JULIA MINES Coach. Facilitator. Thinking partner.

Time & Location

Dec 16, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
ZOOM Webinar

About the Event

  • The Stories We Tell: How to Leverage them for Greater Well-Being

We’re hardwired for storytelling as an evolutionary adaptation to survival. Throughout human history, we gathered in our communities to tell them around a campfire. They connect us and remind us how to carry on another day. We listen and tell them to strangers at the grocery store, to family and friends over meals, in therapy and coaching conversations, and, to ourselves. Over the past 18 months, while living through a pandemic, we experienced ourselves in new ways and made new stories though the campfires largely became the glow of our computer screens. In this workshop, we’ll explore how stories have the power to connect and uplift us, inspire us, teach us and prime us for optimism despite the conditions we may find ourselves in. We’ll look at why these “best self” stories matter and how to easily unearth them in ourselves and others with simple tools, and through experiential exercises, discussion and partner sharing.

  • BRAINS WITH BENEFITS:  How Getting to Know Your Brain Can Aid in Harnessing the Best You

Our brain, this amazing 3-pound, tofu-textured, meaning-making machine has some interesting quirks. Understanding the basics can help us leverage the best of ourselves so we can not only achieve our goals more effectively and productively, but more happily, and energetically, too.  In this interactive workshop, some of the things we’ll explore are: why the nightly news is so dismal (and why you should turn it off), the myth of willpower and why a good habit is far superior, and how to wire the brain for more creativity and hope even when times may be tough. We’ll laugh, we’ll explore, we’ll take away some simple, powerful tools to add to our toolbox.

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