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Please RSVP by NOON Thursday 5/20 and a $15 gift card* will be waiting for you at the 141 Main Street Deli, Agawam. 


So pick up something delicious and we will meet you on Zoom:

If you can not pick up dinner on May 20th - your gift card will be mailed to you so you can enjoy it another time!

Virtual Pot Luck Retreat

Thursday, May 20th

6 PM - 8 PM

Live via Zoom  


WBOA's Business

Last week we discussed business models at Good Morning WBOA.

I suggested that the WBOA business model could be called: Pot Luck Dinner.

In what ways does the WBOA business model resemble a pot luck dinner?

  • It is all about sharing

  • Everyone brings their best

  • Everyone talks to everyone

  • With good food and comararderie anything seems possible

After a year of virtual meetings, we are imagining our future and welcome you to attend our Virtual Pot Luck Retreat this Thursday eve at 6:00. 

We will be setting our goals and determining our path moving forward. Ideas will flow and votes will be tallied so that our future takes into account the needs of our members. 


Together, let's take care of business!

Anita Eliason 

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